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Thursday, August 12, 2010

bumper post!

After one day of OPI Ink with CND Jade Sparkle, i took out my Daiso nail art lime green holo glitter and did this:
made me satisfied as holo glitter nv failed me, it glowed on the dark blue-black base...
this is another mani i done... boyfriend said that it's time for me to start on nail art.. as ive practised quite a far bit of nail painting... :) he is so sweet, eh?
this is most colour accurate... the dark blue is an Elianto polish, Indigo Shine, the pink with glass flecks is a Caerphilly, unknown number, and the silver is a SKINFOOD Pedicure Sparkle no.11 lol.
the right hand... seems neater, ironically as my right hand is stronger..
ok these photos are enough! moving on...
China Glaze's BFF! loved this sooooo much! :D mine was thick so need to do more than 2 coats to even it out... :)
in the shade, still a pretty purple :)
oooh, now this looks black but it's not! :D and the tips are done with China Glaze Atlantis! :D
yes, an 'Orly' :D
072, in Korean :P
But hey, the application is super good! Two thin coats and you are done! levels itself well too and very pigmented~
Not too sure why my thumb looks like this lol.
I love this manicure thou it doesnt capture well in photos... and as for the similarity to NARS Zulu, well it is not a jelly for sure, but a creme i would say :) deep dark green that looks black in the shade... well, i love this no matter what! :D


Pretty said...

mmm i love the pink and black nail art..
i might have to try those color combinations!!

all of these manis are awesome though!!

Helena said...

I would love to have a holo. it's so cool.