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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Update on Seche Bright

Seche's rep replied and didnt explain why the bluish tint is there. But she/he didnt say that i couldnt use it either!
Anyway I went ahead to use it and my nails hvnt fallen off :P

Here's a preview of posts to come!
- My own Absolutely Alice using Golden Rose blue glitter polish as a base...
- My own Frankens, I have 2 till date.
- Orly's It's up to Blue, which is a more intense(?) version than Bailamos...
- Color Club's High Society - then Mattified - :)

Ive ordered 3 from Cosmix Collection from a seller in Singapore! Cant wait to get them next week!

And the Zoya's Ive decided on are Mimi and Ki :)

Till next time, peace to all and love one another!

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