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Friday, August 20, 2010

Shiny glossy-looking natural nails

Being a nail polish blogger does not only mean that we are concerned about merely applying polish with pretty colours... I feel that it also involves some knowledge and practice of cleaning up your own nails and having them look presentable without any nail polish on..

I have been ashamed of my natural nails for some time, so I use nail polish as a way to cover up the bare looking nails, instead of enhancing them!
Granted, I am new to cuticle care procedures and nail filing business, but it is never too late to learn! You girls have helped me alot along the way... :) with product reviews and introducing me to glass files!
Well, I dont own a glass file yet... :D

So one fine evening, I decided to let my nails breathe. Yes, breathe. :) They were yellowed, due to the darker colours I have been using lately and the back to back manicures...

Ridges were showing, the nail shapes arent all standardized, not squovalicious at all!! :(

So I set out to remove my polish in two rounds, over 2 nights! The second night allowed me to clean more unreachable areas like under the nail and at the sides...

There was some polish stuck at the cuticles. So I used Seche Soft, a cuticle softener on them. Using an orange stick with cotton wrapped around the pusher end, I cleaned up my cuticles, removing the polished stained ones as well! Ah, looking much cleaner.

Then I reached for my festive looking The Body Shop nail file and filed my way! Looking much neater now.
Then I reached for an old buffer with some sides damaged lol... but I couldnt get the shine I wanted. So I used my new buffer, purchased for a cheap SGD 3.90, and used the smooth edge to get a natural shine :) I was so pleased with the results I hollered to the seller on FB :P
SHINY CLEAN NAILS! the yellowed nail plate seemed much better now after slight buffing and thorough cleaning with a non-acetone remover!
Here is an image of the buffer!
Before (nails):
After (nails):

On a separate note,
I love my shoes! just SGD 9.90 from the little things she need at Orchard, ION. A special discount for National Day :D

and a THANK YOU to bloggers who have replied me on the previous post, I shall go ahead and use Seche Bright! just felt weird to be putting some glowing liquid on my nails lol.


Smita said...

your nails look so nice i want my nails to grow that long but they always break before then :(

btw thanks for entering my giveaway, grey's anatomy is my favourite show too! (well, one of them!)

Ice Queen said...

Your nails look great. I would love to let mine run around nekkid, now and then but they are just too delicate.

Cute shoes! :D

L said...

Your natural nails are nice! Very cute shoes, too!