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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Bidding a temporary farewell with a manicure session at my place!

Yes, this aint my hand but its my work :) *beams*
I OFFERED my friend for a mani/pedi session and I am very happy to be able to do a manicure for my friend/neighbour for the 1st time before she flies off to the US for a work and travel program :)

Took out my stash and let her choose a colour so that i can paint for her :)
And it is the Etude House polish, the duochrome mermaidy one, which i have done a mani with last month :)
Absolutely gorgeous colour, perfect in one coat!
Added stars for her :D
It was fun as we catched up while i did her nails :) and now she is in the US already as we speak and pls HAVE FUN!

*shall restrain myself from getting her to buy me some polishes... but i think Sally Hansen's Hidden Treasure is a must! muahahaha* -ahem-

And then, i did my own nails too :) tried a new colour, apple minty green from THE FACESHOP... as requested by my bf...
as with any pastel creme, this was streaky on first coat but does level itself pretty well... it was ave 2 - 3 coats, and some fingers with added shimmer of the same base color (also from THE FACESHOP)
Added some matte apple green hearts that i bought from Daiso, a pity it blended in too well with the polish lol. On the 2nd night, i added some pastel yellow polish and attempted a gradient hahahaha. well well, i removed it soon, on the next day lol.

it was a bright colour, also florescent i would say... but a nice change too. i did matte coats for some fingers and Seche Vite for others... just trying out different finishes as it is hard for others too see anyway, the color is what is obvious, not the finish :)

P.s thank you for the responses to the previous post on Zoya recommendations :) will get them soon!
P.p.s Nunu rmb to claim urs next year!!! <3

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