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Thursday, September 1, 2011

China Glaze Metro: Midtown Magic vs OPI Burlesque: Teasey Does It

Fall is here and so are dark, sultry shades. Here are two of my new favourites and Im breaking them out for this swatching post!

Left: Midtown Magic, Teasey Does It

Midtown Magic has gold, brown, reddish and green sparkles in a dark burgundy base.
Teasey Does It is a smokey looking polish with a classic wine coloured  and gold flecks of shimmer packed in a plum base.

See the gold speckled shimmer? Lovely...

The bottle shot shows a slight duochrome. For such duochrome to translate to your nails, you better pray they are curved nicely :P

The green sparkles so obvious in Midtown Magic's bottle.
It's a myriad of speckled shimmer really. Complex but not too much.

Now... how do they look matte?

Still as gorgeous! :D I love such finishes... And so after I was done swatching, I had on my OPI Here Today Aragon Tomorrow Suede polish :P

Which do u love?


Paillette said...

I confess I love Tease-y Does It!
Your nails are amazing!!!

Kimberly said...

Both are gorgeous and then, matted....oh, yea!!!