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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Review: Sensi-Touch Lavender Nail Polish Remover Touch Up Kit

Im terribly sorry for the long post title. But not to fret, the post itself is short and sweet!
This is because this nail polish remover wipe does it job well and is pretty sweet smelling too!

This is the 2nd time I used this Sensi Touch remover wipe, also in the Lavender scent. It isn't too overpowering but leaves its scent behind after you are done wiping the lacquer off your digits.

Here is a quick look at the packaging:

Contains Aloe Vera extract which I fully agree it does and does a great job moisturizing my nail plates (unlike pure acetone). 

The instructions deserve to be heeded for the sakes of ease of use and to avoid messiness. 

In one sachet, there is both a piece of wipe that is already folded and a Touch Up Swab

The pointed ends make them good for cleaning the sides of the nail plate, where the wipes might not be able to reach. Also, it is good for under the free edge, for people with longer nails like me. I use the flatter end to clean the nail plates once more after using the wipe. 

The wipe is a piece of fabric that has high absorbency as evident from the moment I took it out of the foil packaging. It is thick enough for you to rub off layers of glitters (I tried the first time) only leaving some lint coming out of the wipe. It does not tear apart, thank goodness! However, of course, being a non-acetone formula, it does take a bit of scrubbing to get the glitters bits out. And having them stay on the wipe, unfolding the wipe and maneuvering it takes a little effort. 

I use one wipe for only my fingernails and to me, that's very good. I wont use the same wipe for my toenails simply for the fact that I think it looks and feels soiled enough LOL.

You can see how the moisture transfers onto my cuticles as well! Pretty neat I would say. Well, neat. As it leaves a film of moisture, I feel the need to dehydrate my nail plate with pure acetone or remover before I embark on my next manicure. Seems like a waste as Im pretty sure the moisture would do some (longer-term) good to my nails and cuticles. 

One thing to note, it does feel a little oily after use, and for that I tend to want to wash my hands under running water to rid myself of that feeling as much as I can. Might not bother you as much though :) 

Overall, this product lives up to its claims as seen from the packaging and I will recommend this as a traveller's item more than a daily use item. 

You can get this from Mei Mei Signature's, at a box of SGD12 for 15 sachets. 

Disclaimer: I remember one of the sachets was provided by Mei Mei to me for sample, the other sachet I cant remember how I got it :P However, this doesn't affect my honest and complete review of this product. :) 

Any questions for me? Email me at squovalicious (at) Thank you!

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