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Sunday, September 11, 2011

pow wow nail art with OPI Alphine Snow + all my Daiso nail art enamels!

I planned for a simple manicure. Not wanting it to take me more than an hour to complete.

I bought OPI Alphine Snow, pure white creme, after reading all your raves about it as the best simple white creme polish. It took me about 3 coats to get an even finish, but I'm sure the user factor came into play :P

I took out my Daiso nail art enamels and grouped them up. Then I started doodling....

The dense silver polish is Mei Mei Signature's SueSha in silver. :D Dries matte but I did a Seche Vite. 

Many of my friends liked the little finger. What about you?

Was in such a hurry to complete it under an hour, I smudged it with Seche Vite :'(

Broke my index finger here so.. It's strategically hidden by the big-ass thumb! :P

I love this thumb!

Nfu Oh #65 quick swatch is on my index. Quite disappointed with the holo-ness... not what I wanted...

My nail broke because I scratched myself too hard at night... :/ Will show the tear in my nail plate next post. Alongside my SpaRitual wear test!

Thank you for the lovely feedback on my previous post :D 


Cristina - PeeBeforePolish said...

My favourite finger is the middle one, for both manicures! :)
Great work, BTW!

Vita said...

I can't decide I love them all grouped together - they look like candies! xoxo

Lynn Lim said...

I love all of them! Which are the Daiso enamels that you used? I should make my way down to one and haul them :)

Sharon said...

I love all of the designs! you're so creative