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Saturday, May 22, 2010

holographic glitter goodness!

I attended my primary school friend's wedding and these are my nails:

This is a coat of a metallic blue/lilac colour :) a little streaky but can be done in just one coat! I got it for two dollars and was told this was from Taiwan. But it is made in China and the brand is Best Scence. 
added one coat of holo glitter goodness from THE FACESHOP! got it on ebay. sold out in Singapore! BK 901

all taken in bright sunlight in Jakarta! :D

under artificial light

blurred for holo goodness :)

grab ur hands on this :P  it has big round holo glitter and smaller ones too! in a black jelly base :)

here is the blue metallic closeup! shimmer particles appear only under macro camera :P
dries glossy :)

and my previous manicure is BR610 from SKINFOOD :) 


StardustStephanie said...

Wow that s a lovely holographic glitter. It looks amazing on top of that blue. Great look!

Curious Cat said...

err very nice leh! i think you should give names to mani designs tt u "invent" :P

Jamie K. said...

thank you ladies :D
i thought this looked like constellations on my fingers lol :)