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Tuesday, May 4, 2010


As I still have one more paper to go... and my nails are aching to be painted... I gave in, yet again.

I have just ordered more polishes online and hope to get them by the end of this month! :)

And for now, I shall just play with one of my TWO OPI polishes lol :P Too expensive here! Gah. And also one more from my stash of FACESHOP polishes :)

from the right, My pinkie is done with the FACESHOP BL 604 dark blue shimmer; 
OPI Ink  3 coats, 
FACEHOP BL 604 with a coat of AREZIA #745,
 OPI Ink with a coat of AREZIA #745

I hate it that the purple does not capture well on camera :( and the pretty blue and red micro glitter particles in OPI Ink are not that obvious.

The FACESHOP coats finish off better than OPI Ink; it is more glossy, while OPI Ink is slightly matte. 

The AREZIA polish I used here is a hot pink base with suspended holographic glitter of various sizes. 
It brought out the purple tone in OPI Ink and added more shimmer. 
When added to the FACESHOP blue coats, it made purplish, maybe cuz the coat was a tad too much :P

hmmm the difference seen here is very minimal :( but i hope the shimmer can be seen :) all taken in the night, in my room.
the whitener im using as a basecaot for now; pro: it makes my manicure smells delicious :) 
I love L.A Girl Diamond Topcoat! It illuminates the glitter in OPI Ink so much :D here are some I just taken:
the one on the left is with AREZIA coat, the other is just OPI Ink, without. 

Just FACESHOP dark blue shimmer :)
Left: With a coat of AREZIA, right: without, pure dark blue shimmer :)

do comment if my photos seem overexposed or something ok? I think my netbook has a lousy graphic card. *$&$(&!. heh:P

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