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Monday, May 24, 2010

rose tinted holographic/prismatic polish :)


i went shopping with my friend at Daiso last night and I was hanging around for an awful long time at the nail polish section.

and i picked up two beauties. well, they looked dull lifeless and kinda eeew in the light in the store. But i observed closely and thought it looked quite holo... :D

So i thought i'll get two and just try. I could add some solvent if it looked too dry :)

And i looked at my huge stash of polishes that I havent swatched and well, ITS A HOLO. been lemming for it since forever. so i tried it on.
OH SO SMOOTH~ it was sheer but OH SO SMOOTH and its definitely a holo!

sorry but i know you can forgive me for this X;LARGE photo :D im so in love. my monday blues are gone!
taken with flash under the nightsky... :)
courtesy of my loving BF :D

i hope you love this as i do!
it is a very sheer pink when it hides it's holo hood. so it is so safe for work :D but when you are out in the sun playing, the holo is in its full glory :D PERFECTO!!! 

and it only costs me 2SGD for 5ml of this magic polish hehe :)


Lady C. said...

Definitely gorgeous! We ought to do a swap sometime!!! :)

susies1955 said...

So pretty. LOVE it,

Helena (XOXO Parisky) said...

Gorgeous nail polish :D I have such pink nail polish but it's from a completely anohter brand :D

Jamie K. said...

@Helena: oooh, what brand? :D i think it's great that i wont have to get holos only from OPI, CG or other big brands hehe