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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Jamie's midnight nail parlour!

I have quite a few photos tagged under this album name as above in my Facebook profile :P those were the days before i discovered this awesome online community :)

and yesterday was Vesak Day holiday here in Singapore so I met up with  my friend to do some shopping and then back to her place to give her a simple manicure hehe.

She loves darker colours, like me :P and here's how it turned out!
a very dark red, so close to black! and thats her pet dog, Elfie! :)

her pinkies have longer nails than the rest, just in case you found the photo looking weird hehe

this shot shows the red better!
and i was surprised at the redness when i took a photo with flash on! 

and this is THEFACESHOP
303 is my birthdate! 30th of March haha :D

her base coat! 
application was not too bad, it was a new bottle so it went on smoothly for first coat but started to become thicker then. but 2 coats was needed to even it out. the finishing is awesomely glossy :) 
did some cleanup for her too, overall im happy with what i have done :D a very neat attempt on my part, although nowhere near Lacquerized's standard! hehe :D

and this concludes a very awesome yet tiring Friday! 
p.s she found the cleaning at the cuticle area rather nice, in a perverted way cuz i was rubbing at it! LOL


Musicalhouses said...

I love that colour! I think vampies are so pretty! :) And I think you did a good job painting them:)

Jamie K. said...

thank you for ur compliment :D hehe. YES vampies are pretty! i may just get this colour too hehe :)