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Monday, May 31, 2010

L.A Girls Rockstar layering!

Ooooh, i did my research before buying off 5 Rockstars off Cherry Culture ;)

And lo and behold! let me present to you Double Platinum and Overdose over TheFaceShop Bl 604 ;)

this is the blue! i love it for its flawless application, one coat is enough and it never dries up gooey ever! :)
taken in artificial light, it's with v fine shimmer...
taken in awesome sunlight! :D
on the left: Double Platinum, right: Overdose 
love the holo glitter a lot! with a little tinge of dull gold... that is Double Platinum! not too hard to understand why it's named like this!
Overdose is a real overdose of glitter! round blue, pink glitter with micro silver glitter as the 'background' :) taking off is qte a pain thou but am learning :)

and its one coat of Rockstar EACH! how awesome is that! :D
love this soooo much! have 3 more to go! 


Makeup Mama said...

how fun are these colours?? do you ever notice how hard it is to remove polish with tons of glitter? it's like glue...but too cute for me to want to stay away from it for too long!

Jamie K. said...

@makeup mama: I AGREE! so i used the felt with alu foil method lol. but still, IT IS HARD!
Love these colours for layering :) :)

i love ur blog!! <3