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Friday, May 28, 2010

RE107 glitter jelly sandwich!

yes, another insane name of mine :D
some would say it is glass-flecked, but to me, the glitter is very small in size, so unless u stare hard at each nail, it's quite hard to detect.

this was two coats and pardon the chipping, no top coat and i was typing furiously for work yesterday lol
the glitter is sandwiched between the red jelly i feel. very pretty to look at. the finish is glossy with a little bumpy feel. Im sure a top coat will seal it in and even bring out the glitter :)

yes, it is a pretty skinfood polish :)

personally i think they have some really nice ones, just that the range of colours are a tad small. 
application was alright, my bottle was a little thick. and notice the slim bottle, it's flat, reminds me of the metal flask that cowboys fill liquor in. *i hope im right with this reference lol* or the flask that the shooter in Greys Anatomy current season finale used!

all taken in the sunlight in my room. 
this colour can be a burgundy or a cherry red depending on the amount of light that falls on the nails. i love this for th depth but it is a pity that unless one looks closely at your nails, they wont begin to appreciate it.

i've been on a red streak lately. lol. wonder whats next!

and i have a question: how do you bear with smelly nail polishes? i mean those that smell REAL BAD, like in some chemical factory! ugh... i shouldnt have bought cheap, not established brand of polishes :( 


Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes said...

Nice color...and even though the typing messes with tipwear, its supposed to be great for strengthening nails ;)

Jamie K. said...

ahhhh thank you for the awesome nugget of info :D