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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Elianto - Lilac

Blurred picture to show the copper shimmer that is also present with the pink shimmer. Glass flecked polish, i would say. Very sheer, took me 5 coats. and drying time is bad, has dent more than 10 hours later. i did this mani in the noon.
But i love this unique colour from Elainto, called Lilac. Simple name but not a simple polish!
I think i have some bubbled from my base coat, hence the polish also showed it, not very forgiving huh.
lol, i will do this again, but maybe with some layering experiments too  :)


maRyya said...

you have a nice blog!
please pass by mine if you have time and follow.
now i'm having some problems with google friend connect, so i can't follow you, but i promise to come back and try again.

Tassa said...

Pretty! :)