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Sunday, September 19, 2010

China Glaze Atlantis NOTD + Chocolate Mint Crackled NOTD

Special double edition!

I am embarking on my Final Year Project and while I have been polishing my soon-to-be talons, I havent been blogging! lol. But I have been reading all your blogs! :D

Enough said, let me present to you one of my lemmings fulfilled. Atlantis is a China Glaze special glitter and one of my first 2 CGs :)

Sheer green jelly with loads holo glitter! All pictures are 2 coats and taken in sunlight! Gritty feeling on the nail but solved w some top coat. It is best as a layered polish, as I have used it for my tips while wearing a really dark green creme.
Seen in my profile picture on the left <-

I <3 Stompy

Another failed crackled art i guess. Loved the accidental colour combination here. New york Summer Hot baby Blue and Aolaiya crackle murky green/brown top coat. Well, not very hot baby blue yea? It is a nice green jelly-creme. i did the first coat and let it dried. 2nd and halfway through i applied the crackled top coat. well, didnt crackle as much as my first version but it is ok i guess. 2 days and it's outta my nails!

Noticed the tip wear? I guess the crackle top coat shrinks my nails a little. hmmm. gotta take note. no top coat needed as this one dried glossy, like shiny plastic.

Removal was a classic PITA, as the crackle will not dissolve in remover but peels off from the other polish layers. and while it peels, it gets stuck on the cuticle and finger! ugh. took me eons to remove them~

Gotta devise a method for this polish removal process!

Happy Sunday ya'all!


youknow said...

so cute

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Lalica said...

This CG polish is amazing :)))

Steffie said...

Very nice.

Melanie said...

Atlantis is so beautiful!

Beauty Addict said...

I love the green glitter! It looks amazing!