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Saturday, September 4, 2010

More collections?! -Part One

As an undergraduate, I dont have much cash. And within 6 months, I have increased my stash to about over 200 bottles! This is insane for some, and perfectly understandable to others :) As a sociologist-in-training, all I want to say is: I respect your opinion, and please, do respect mine too.

In this recent month, I have seen a lot of Collections coming out, and have snapped up a few of them, though not entirely!

So, from what I have seen lately, these are my opinions on them: (perhaps more relevant to the cash-strapped polish lovers out there):

China Glaze:

Up and Away

This is a very pretty polish collection, with pastels of almost every colour family out there, a fave among most bloggers :) However, I was late on this band wagon and did not get any. I was truly tempted but I had seen other pastels out there. Like THE FACESHOP and Etude House too. These are cheaper alternatives for pastel colours if you yearn for some. I cant say these are dupes but they can satisfy your lemming for some pastels :)
One note on pastels: Be patient when working with them. They tend to even or level out with each coat :) And some pastels tend to dry with a greater colour intensity than what you see in the bottle! It is best to see them swatched on a nail wheel, but most stores here in Singapore dont :P

Poolside Collection

This is a great neon collection! I have for myself the green neon, Kiwi Cool-ada :) I love it, just like highlighter green from Stabilo. The others are great too, the yellow neon, I have read, is kinda hard to apply and sheer in the neon sense. A few coats should do the trick, or just apply a white or nude base colour before the neon shades. 
Not many Korean brands do neons, they are still stuck in the reds/pinks colours... but! I found a great orange neon and a nice lime green with yellow shimmer from Elianto *(only branch at Tampines Mall). There's also a hot pink from THE FACESHOP, if neon is too flashy for you :)
Vintage Vixen

I am a sucker for Fall collections! Well, I have browns/greys and some blacks in my wardrobe... :) I love the occasional Summer colours too! Well, I have gotten myself 5 out of this whole collection and it is a job well done from China Glaze! There's a wide range of colours and finishes.. Have yet to try them but I base my purchases from fellow bloggers' swatches :) They are awesome! Nailvibe is having a clearance too at only SGD 8 a bottle! What a steal, with free postage thrown in! 


Alice in Wonderland

 Overall, this is a great risk undertaken by OPI. I have noticed the reds/pinks and kinda safe cream colours that OPI does all the time and some glitters are definitely welcomed! Especially when done so... BOMBASTICALLY! lol. Well,MAAH or Mad As A Hatter definitely lived up to its name as the multi coloured glitterbomb is sold out so soon and so sought after now! Just do a check on eBay heh. Absolutely Alice is a close second, with the dense blue and gold glitter combination. As a note of caution, glitter polishes are a PITA (Pain in the ass) to remove and most bloggers recommend the foil method of removal. I tried that and yes it works wonders but be sure to mosturize and pamper your cuticles after! One personal tip is to drench your cuticles with cuticle oil before using the foil method... 
I was so tempted to get the mini set, but I didn't! I just did not love how MAAH looks actually lol, and recently I have gotten myself Armour's Rain Glitter as a substitute :) Yet to try it on! 
The reds in this collections are more neglected lol. But they are easily available!

Shrek is a collection that you either hate or love! Well, for me, it was okay... a range of cream colours once again but greens and blues. Very funky donkey names and also another risk taken by OPI. These colours seem to only flatter certain skin tones, I feel. Im not sure if one of the greens will make me look jaundiced lol. But anyhow, this collection has gotten the love of many bloggers out there! :) The purples are pretty and unique too, looking at comparisons made in the blogosphere. 
And nope, none for myself. The green cream probably has a cousin from THE FACESHOP. As for the other creams, you can always substitute them with other cheaper alternatives if need be :)

Summer Flutter 
This is a small but pretty awesome collection! I love the two special duochromy glass flecked polishes in there! I owe Wing It! a pretty orange-pink polish and yearning for Catch me in your Net! But there are dupes... from Orly and Zoya. A very cheerful collection :)
Swiss Collection

This is a mega 12 piece collection from OPI for the season, fall. Although I thought it's for winter..? haha the Swiss Alps fooled me :) Well well, there are certain dupes here and you will know which if you try searching for posts in the blogosphere! I did not get any although I was tempted. The finishes are varied too, from cream to foil-esque and shimmers... The Colour to Watch is probably the only one worth getting? It is a sheer polish that is kinda duochromy... Check out other bloggers' swatches for a closer look! There are a number of reds and seriously I cannot be bothered to differentiate them lol. I believe girls just need a sexy siren red and a more muted work appropriate red (if it is appropriate in the first place!) in her stash! Ok, and also red shimmers like Ruby Slippers... etc ;)


This is the upcoming collection that I seen is already launched in Singapore in the OP Boutique at Marina Bay Sands! I snapped a photo from the outside :P Here it is: 

Yes, not a very good photo huh :P I was hoping not to get caught though... Nowadays shopping centres and stores are particular about photo taking. sigh. Anyway I saw the SHIMMERS and GLITTERS. OMG, Im breaking my no-buy when this arrives I am sure!!!! The boutique probably sells them at 23 SGD? wow huh. I am hoping Nailvibe brings them in ;) 

Alright, it has been a lengthy post :P I am gonna throw in my 2 cents worth on Orly and also Color Club collections next! :) 

This post is not possible without Google and images provided by others online, bloggers' informative posts and swatches on the above mentioned collections! 

I am in no way paid by Nailvibe to write this post (?!) or helping her to advertise with any incentive involved. I have been purchasing from her and am just a customer.

I also join Transdesign sprees for some polishes too, especially for Color Club. :) 

Please leave me a comment if you have any questions :) Thank you!


Brooke said...

I've excited for the Burlesque collection!! This is a really nice overview of all the CG and OPI collections this year :)

Brooke said...

I've excited for the Burlesque collection!! This is a really nice overview of all the CG and OPI collections this year :)

Jamie K. said...

@Brooke, thank you :D Im so excited too! Looking forward to your swatches :D