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Monday, September 20, 2010

CG Metallic Muse, im so not amused.

I was swatching on my nail wheels last night. When an incident occurred.
I was seated cross legged on my floor and swatching. So i picked up Metallic Muse, thinking yay an awesome colour to work my KONADs with. and it went on fine, as this polish is an untried. Then when i closed it, the bottle broke. with the brush intact and capped onto the bottle neck.

Either i capped too hard (?!)  or.... i crushed the bottle with my hands. so it almost fell on the floor and as I grabbed it, some splashed onto the floor and mostly on my legs. and sole. and pants!

I was furious! ugh.

Took me more than an hour to get rid of them. and i taped my bottle right back up, with half of the Muse in it. I had to scrub my skin to get rid of the dried polish! I became Metallic Muse, but totally not amused. URGH.

I also stained my manicure... it was so pretty i swear! I'll post it up next, maybe tomorrow.

Ok, rant end. :(

No pics cuz was just too angry.


Melanie said...

argh... these are moments that you always wish that they will never happen to you! I hope the overall damages is not to big!

Justine said...

The necks on China Glaze bottles can be surprisingly fragile. I've also broken a ChG bottle while tightening the cap.