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Monday, September 13, 2010

Golden mani + CASTLEDEW swatches + Color Club's High Society vs. Essie's Chinchilly

Here is a pic of an old NOTD...
I used: OPI Curry Up! Dont be late and City Girl's gold as well. For the thumb and little finger I used L.A Girls Live on Stage and also Winmax pedicure in gold hexagon and round glitter! I love the overall look, seems to belong in a set eh? I think Im improving a little hehe.

But for the right hand :/
Looks horrendous! lol. not so bad in real life as the colours seem to blend in a little bit more. The base is Kitoko Kalani's 1243e, a pale peach colour with gold shimmer and topped with L.A Girl's Electric Guitar. Ugh. :(

L.A Girls Rockstar glitters are awesome for layering :) and the base colours arent so unique so it is easier to find colours to layer over!

I am glad for the Daiso Winmax find :) For a cheap 2SGD, the gold hex and round glitter is bright and loud! Great for accents. Many glitter in just one stroke. The brush picks up the glitter in the bottle easily too :)

OPI is sheer! Much sheerer than the City Girl's gold. A local drugstore brand. A cheap 2.50SGD polish, if I am not mistaken. Both are not super brush strokey. The shine is pretty :)

These are the last photos of my long nails! I cut them short as they are beginning to inconvenient me :P

Here are the CASTELDEW swatches :)
The one on the left is: Galaxy charcoal brown
On the right: Planet Chocolate
Very fall :) As the bottles are shaped like a jewel with 8 panels to them, the colours dont really show well. In the bottle, Planet Chocolate seems more red while Galaxy seems more dusty purple...
These nail wheel swatches are taken in bright sunlight! The shimmers are lovely... No topcoat.
The left: Color Club's High Society
Right: Essie's Chinchilly
Swooped places!
High Society has a definite lavender tone to it. While Chinchilly is more true grey. Both are with brown undertones I would say.
Hope this is helpful! :)


Lois said...

I love chinchilly the most <3 So pretty!
And I gave you a sunshine award on my blog! Check it out here: :)

Jamie K. said...

@Lois, thank u so much :)