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Sunday, September 5, 2010

nail products review

Happy Sunday to all!
Just felt like sharing some reviews on some products I have been using...
First up, a nail and hand cream from Premier Dead Sea. This is a sample pack and I love it very much! It is a tad expensive USD 16.99 for 135ml. Okay, maybe not so. I think The Body Shop has a more expensive one. Anyhow, I love how it absorbs so quickly into my skin and has a delicate fragrance. Not sweet or floral but a little salty? Lol. It mosturizes very well and I use it before I sleep.
I might just get myself one more when Im done with this :D

Next item I want to mention is this cheap and effective Foot Scrub Gel I gotten from my trip to Jakarta. I think it costed me less than 3SGD in a big 175ml bottle! With lemon oil and lemongrass oil. The smell isnt too overpowering :) And it dries to the touch quite fast. When washed off, it makes my feet smell good :D a very good deodorizing scrub!
Last but not least, I want to talk about this product, Clarus Nail Polish Remover Tissues. The tissue is like the wet tissue, not easy to tear, so I usually cut them into smaller pieces if necessary. It costs me about 1.90SGD from Sasa. I thought it would be good and effective but nah. Granted it is gentle due to its acetone free formula, but it does not do the job very well. Too mild even for creams and taking too long a time. Though with persistence it can still do the job. One tissue is good for 5 whole fingers to be thoroughly cleaned! I wont buy this product again as I prefer an effective wipe :) 

This is it for some of the nail products I have been using! Next up will be Freeman's foot scrub, The Body Shop's Almond Oil nail scrub, THE FACE SHOP's almond oil cuticle balm and Nivea's night repair hand cream!
Hope this has been helpful :)
To take a look at Premier Dead Sea website, this is it:

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Cheryl said...

Thanks for reviewing this! I wanted to get it at Sasa a while ago, but decided to get some other wipes instead because it was 36 pieces for $2.90. It also sucks anyway! I've learnt to just use regular nail polish remover already.