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Friday, September 10, 2010

Etude House haul -- Non-polish related

Phew, have gotten those nail polishes posts up the past few days. I have been letting my nails breathe for a day and a half lately between manicures... Love to show them so nail<3 they so deserve :)
This is a belated post as well as I did this haul sometime two weeks ago? I was waiting for my boyfriend so I went shopping... and here's the damage.
Well, I have 49 pcs of mask on the floor as you see, together with 2 free gifts! And as I spent slightly pver 50SGD, I was entitled to the Etude House lifetime membership! 7% discount for each purchase :)
Not sure if I will utilise it as my dear friend has gotten me some polishes from Etude House while she was in Korea :)
These are the Lemon and Green Tea masks that is said to be calming and also full of anti-oxidants to revive dull looking skin! :)
This is a vitamin C mask that is suitable for daily use. It is stored in a foil package inside of this plastic dispenser :) nifty, eh? contains 20 pcs. Have not started using it... but i am hoping it helps to give a radiant look on my dead-looking skin!
The other stack of masks not pictured here is the free masks that came along with these purchases. 02 masks for whitening purposes. Have used it and I like it! :) 
This is free gift number one, a BB cream for oily skin. Packaged as a handphone chain :) cute eh?
The store manager also threw in a free lip tint to go with my mega mask haul! Dear Darling Tint, reminds me of vampy red jelly polish! :P
All in all, I was a happy girl although the purchases placed in the paper bag was kinda heavy to carry... :P The free gifts made my purchases worthwhile hehe. Oh and the free gift for a visit to the store is a small pack of cotton pads! whee~ :) more nail 'stationery' lol.

It is a public holiday in Singapore tomorrow, as the Muslims celebrate Hari Raya! :) Oh, and I just learnt this year that Muslims, according to the Qu'ran arent supposed to wear nail polish when they pray daily. So it kinda amounts to a polish ban to some!

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