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Monday, July 26, 2010

Nature Republic holo goodness, DS Glow, my interpretation of Paradoxal and a cracked mani!

Hello ladies and gentlemen! I assume there are some men who reads my blog :P
Been some time now and Im back with some more mani shots :D

Berry T introduced me to the new Korean brand Nature Republic that has just arrived in Singapore. I took a good look around and gotten myself 3 new polishes :D affordable prices and big bottles! yay!
And here is my mani of the day...
taken under artificial light... night shot.
a nice medium brown base with scattered holo. gorgeous shade and totally work appropriate.

taken in flash
i think FYL 702 means Forest Yellow 702 lol. It is under a series called Forest Colours :) cool huh?

will take day pictures tomorrow if it does not rain...

this is a beautiful DS Glow from OPI :) Love this so much... looks like foil, but it shimmers more than just coppery orange color but also a bit of green and pink micro 'glitter' :) very shiny in the sun :) prefect for summer! 2 coats is needed as 1st coat is thin, applies well and removes easy too! highly recommended.

this is a THE FACESHOP polish that is actually a jelly :) pleasant surprise, and it applies very well. Wanted a neutral colour after all the stronger colours lately.. added a coat of purple shimmer.. giving it a very special duochrome finish.
Chanel Paradoxal is darker with more subtle shimmer than what I have :) but i cant ever afford that price tag~

i filed my nails but not well done as the polish does not get to the tips well :/
my crackled nail polish! :D its a pretty turquoise colour achieved with a semi-wet golden base and an electric blue liquidy polish over it. when it dries, it crackles and the colours somehow got overlapped, creating a pretty colour that was sadly not well captured in these photos. will do it again soon :) in these photos i have also mattified them :) with Essie Matter About You...

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Skittles French Mani + Mermaid-ee Mani :)

been some time huh.
well my internship has come to an end today. mixed emotions indeed. but i'll be back soon enough for the Opening of the Sumatra: Isle of Gold exhibition :D

Shall do my nails in the whole colour theme come next thursday ;)

And first, let me show me my happy skittles mani over the weekend and the nice mermaidy nails for today...

it has been raining so much lately... :(
i love my cuticles here... cuz i used the cuticle remover :) and cleaned my nail beds rather cleanly(!)
i used THE FACESHOP new bottled nail polish :) except for the mint green, its from Bichun :)

lovely bottle isnt it?
Etude House, duochrome polish :)
BL 009
Application was real good, 2 coats to get a deep colour as seen on the bottle.
taken it pretty dark to show the green... flashes all the time under the light, best under strong sunlight! the vibrant blue shows very well too. noticed the accent nail? :) its opal-ish glitter suspended in a cloudy base lol... from Indonesia, just trying it out as a layering polish.

dont you just love this too? :)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sasatinnie Flakies find!

Wandered around Sasa one day... and I found 2 bottles of Flakies in a jelly opaque base!
Tried one... not totally lovin it as the flakies seemed small? lol when compared to Nfu Ohs... or at least im under that impression..
it reminds me of ChG's grape juice lol... its more grapey irl...
as usual, camera hates purple :( and a closeup!
i dont love it too much but dont hate it either. plus its kinda vampy... :)
what say you? :)

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Humanized and limed up! :D

First up, thank you ladies for the lovely comments and help :)
The magical thing about ranting it off and getting it off my chest and (to add a cherry on top!) receive lovely comments and concern... is that Im feeling better already! Even if things arent looking up by each day :)

Have decided to go with the lime green :) it is so super sparkly that... IM IN LOVE WITH IT.
and I have also used happyberrynaiad's gift from June, a S-he green glitter to accent the lefties :D

think of it as a very apple green but very shimmery! it blinds me in the strong sunlight and i love it! it distracts me from the unhappiness that crawls up on me..

Ahh how i love this hobby :)

My bf prefers the one with the glitter, but im undecided lol. Im kinda dreading the removal process :/ maybe it is because ive switched to non-acetone removals... :/

I think this is a very special colour... and Im kinda glad i picked this up! Elianto @ Tampines Mall for SGD 5.50, application is not a pain in the ass! 3 thin coats are sufficient and dries pretty fast actually! I used L.A Girls Diamond topcoat for the one with glitter to smoothen it out. The other is just the nail colour :)

Thursday, July 8, 2010


Seems like all that I have been looking forward to isnt happening.
Im just so unhappy everyday at work.. I feel like I have stopped learning.
No one is really giving a shit about me at work. So.. alienated.

Really frustrating too. Seem to be doing the 'wrong' things. Either i do too much or too little.
The effort and expectations never seem to match.

It frustrates me so much I feel so unhappy each morning when I wake.
And the drizzling or heavy thunderstorms mornings here dont help motivate me to get to work.

I am at the end of it, leaving in just ten days.
And as much as now I know this kind of job is not my cup of tea... where do I go now?

I have some thoughts but airing them on a public platform like this is not a right time.
I shall mull over it and well, try to feel better.

Have never felt like this before. So upset about work. Sigh.

On a positive side note (Im trying very hard now), what nail colour should i go with tonight?
1) Glass flecked sweet pink

2) Vampy dark purple glass flecked

3) Lime green with golden sparkles

4) Indigo shimmer

5) ChG Atlantis

6) Black holo

Thank you for reading the whole depressing rant  post.

my first China... Glaze! :D

Ordered my first two China Glazes from TD last month... or so. And could hardly decide on which two since i was on a tight budget.. wait, i still am -.-

and it is in times like this that i TRULY APPRECIATE swatches from all my awesome Nail Bloggers 'seniors' :D So i chose...

edit: not that i dont enjoy reading all the nail blogs! but i really really rely on ur swatches when i can get my hands on some! :D


to be frank, i didnt quite like it when i saw the bottle. I saw a lot of silver and a red-brown brick base. But my bf loved it.
 took me long enough to pick this up and try it after revisiting lovely blog swatches! :)

i love it on me... suits my skin tone :) application was rather easy, no need for much cleanup as it helps you to paint accurately on ur nails :P
having fun with the camera's macro shot... love the holo glitter :) like diamond dusted nails.
these photos are rather colour accurate... i added Seche Vite to prevent the grainy feel...
but after 3 days of wear.. i added Matte about You!

the holo glitter definitely toned down a lot... (somewhat like how im feeling.. :( ) but the finish looks like some kinda granite... feels smooth thou and i love it :D
love it so much i did my leftie in this! <3
What do you think?

oh you may wanna guess my other ChG polish ;) shouldnt be too hard!

P.s thank you for the replies ladies, your comments really warm my heart! :)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

stardusted nails... part 1

I dont know if i should do a series of these... but i realised ive been liking this kind of nails... well, you will see...

Arezia red #691 and L.A Girls Rockstar Overdose :)

SKINFOOD Nail Vita BR612 and NYX Girls CN214 Showgirl :)
had the first one on my left hand and the other one on my right hand lol :)

Love the subtle bling under dimmer lights.. and the SKINFOOD bronze is very reflective in sunlight! though not captured here.
overall smooth application for all! Arezia took two to three coats for the colour to be like in the bottle. Two coats for SKINFOOD. 

What do you think of these??

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