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Monday, March 28, 2011

about sg_beauty + edit.

EDIT: I got the mods to clarify my name in black and white in that thread. And boy, it made me very satisfied and it is a huge load off my shoulder. I was also reprimanded that this blog post made the mods very upset too. But no apologies for this. My personal space, my say, my feelings. If you chose to be a mod, then you probably have to suck it up for asking members to settle their disputes outside of the community. My fight is officially over. But I know, for some, it has just started. Hint: Someone made a police report. I guess Im leaving sg_beauty for good! Too much nonsense.

-----Original entry starts here:

For those locals who have an idea of the LJ community that is sg_beauty, do read on.

I have been maligned by some ladies who suspected (???) that my account is under a user by the name of Serene. It stemmed from some controversy that they had with Serene. And as a new LJ user who joined LJ so that I could sell of some of my pre-loved/backup items there, I merely commented on a pleasant experience I had with Serene. I bought some items off her.

Then in the recent hoo-ha that the moderators decided to ban her from the community (She was banned due to a recent rude comment she made on a post.) I saw some nasty remarks made about the decision which included a threat from one user to Serene. Me being me, Jamie, and someone who feels there is no need for such language, i said, 'Hi mods, isnt this also a rude comment? And it is very threatening as well!' Well, the mods made no reply to my comment nor did they say that rude comments will no longer be tolerated.

Well, then someone decided to put my username up under the suspicion that I am Serene. FYI, im squovalicious on LJ too. My email address that contains my name is up on the profile and every selling post I make on the community too. How the hell did I get suspected to be Serene?

I asked for my name to be cleared and my identity reinstated. Did anyone bother? No. Cuz my character was being brought into question, regardless of my identity now (wow what a change) because I stood up for Serene. And I was being 'let to have the last say' because of my insistence that I was merely being objective.

My point of this post is to show my strong disappointment at the way the mods handled the matter by shushing us (no more rude comments or open conflict from this comment on or you get a warning) and not responding to my repeated demands to have my name cleared. I offered to give them my bank account number and names and what not I/C number even to prove that I am Jamie. Seriously now it seems like a big deal right? It hell is.

I started using Squovalicious on blogspot for this blog. It is my baby, my pride and joy and a very personal space for my use. I feel that Squovalicious is representative of my identity and should it be confused with someone else, I sure dont feel happy about it. It upset me so much that my credibility was also called into question when I was merely, being myself. Ironically. I did not want drama, nor did I cause any. I merely asked to be acknowledged as Jamie and to be sincerely apologized to.

Is this so difficult unless your ego is stopping you?

Days like this I wish I were Xiaxue.

you know where to get me if you need more information on this. *exhales deeply*


Cheryl said...

Oh no, poor you. If people just don't want to listen, they'll just be stubborn and refuse. Nevertheless I know who you are, and I'm behind you 100%. Some mods are just like that, if they want to be rude and to avoid you, don't frequent that lj site anymore. Besides, that's just the local community and your identity as Squovalicious is better known to the international nail polish blogging community. We know you as being honest and truthful. I'm sorry I can't offer better advice, I hope you won't let this get to you, it's really not worth it sweetie.

Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes said...

Wow, I've watched stuff like this happen on MUA (make-up alley) a swapping/review/chatboard site. I hate this type of behavior. I'm sorry its affected you as it has and I hope it does not deter you from continuing to blog and be your wonderful self. <3