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Friday, March 11, 2011

Singapore The Body Shop Warehouse Sale 2011 - haul


I went down to Suntec City yesterday for The Body Shop Warehouse Sale 2011.
It was a pretty small area with a pretty ok crowd.. Many items were on sale. But I did restrict myself...
Here's my small but pretty pricey haul. I spent about 90SGD in all.

First up, I wanted to try another facial moisturizer that could work for my whole face. Im using Avene's recovery cream for the red, flaky patches on my forehead and chin.
I chose the Carrot Moisture Cream which is an Original product, so I guessed it should work pretty well for it to have a revival. 
Here is how it looks. Pretty yummy actually. The smell is not reeking of carrots but a refreshing light scent.. :)

I got myself an eye gel which I have been eye-ing for a long time already... :)
Keep the under-eye area moisturized and reducing puffiness is my goal. Hope to achieve this with this unperfumed gel~

Yes, looks like hair gel :P

Also got a mineral eyshadow in nude gypsum

Shimmery and soft. Cant wait to use this as a base and all over eyelids :)

My main aim going to the sale was to look for a blusher. And I got myself a sweet pink one from one of their last season's collection.

Look at that cute mirror at the top of the blusher :D

Opens up to a sponge applicator that makes a whoosy sound when u pat it on your face LOL.

Congruent with my lips obsession, I got 2 lip liners, one in nude one in mauve berry for a more intense look...
The nude one is shimmery... Yum..

Just a random photo to show how globalized the world is now ;) Made in China, Germany and UK. hehe

Also got myself this lip liner fixer. It has pretty good reviews on Makeupalley ;)

Last but not least, a much-needed lip/concealer brush! Yay for some rationale shopping :)

What do you think of my haul? What did you get from the sale? 

I didnt stock up on shower gels etc as I cant really use them with my skin like that. I need more moisturizing ones and less(er) fragrance too... 
Will be back with a NOTD :)

Take care everyone, be safe.