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Saturday, March 12, 2011

This is official!

Phew, this has been the news I've been meaning to let all of you know... and I guess the time is ripe :)
I have been invited to blog for :) I have just started blogging there and I would for all of you to pop by there for some fashion, Singapore related posts I have for my readers.
And nope, Im not getting paid for blogging there either. I take it as a challenge for myself to write better :)

It was a choice to keep my blogs separate so that my international readers wont feel 'betrayed' in a way. Afterall, this blog was inspired by all of you whom I have been reading prior to setting up my own last year. This will remain as a nail blog with occasional hauls :P

Here is my new blog's address:
Please have some fun over there, I know it's pretty bare right now, do adorn the space with your lovely comments!


P.S The purple button on the right --> also leads you to 8flo's main website, do take a look for the latest giveaways and information!


Cheryl said...

Oh wow, congrats Jamie!!!!!!

Ash-Lilly said...

Very pleased for you Jamie, hi-five :-)

Melanie said...