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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Beauty Asia 2011 @ Singapore - my haul

Here it is! The long anticipated one :P Feel for my purse, ladies~

Crystal, Edyta, Valerie and Savita!
I also have 2 more on the way to me, Julianne and Adina :)
What do you think of my Zoya choices?
They are SGD10 a piece

Out of this world, Space Cadet, Galaxy Girl, Secrets and Kiss Me Now
Orly is at SGD6.40 (with GST) and Misa is at SGD5

Barbados Blue, Going Incognito, Hot Coco, Foot Loose and Sexy Divide
These are SGD6 a piece.

Adore-a-ball and Lady Godiva are a set with Essie Smoothie in Pomegranate and Mango :) cost me about SGD17
Sew Pysched and Lapis of Luxury cost about SGD8 a piece.

These are from Precision, a brand new to me and most of you Im sure. Have yet to try them out, they deserve a full review!
They have a lot of different colours but I got myself some neons :)
Taste the Rainbow, a stripe-r nail polish of glitters that remind me of Mad as a Hatter, After Dinner Mint, a glitter polish in a shimmery base, Got An Idea?, Pink-adelic and Twist and Shout!

Metallic Muse (which I owned but broke), Robotika, Sci-Fi, Watermelon Rind, Gussied up Green and Rainstorm
Missing Ruby Pumps which I will receive soon :)
They are at SGD6 a piece. 

Nail Art pens, 2-way, theres a brush in there and also a needle-tip for drawing flowers and leaves like in my present manicure :) 
3 for SGD2.50 (buy 2 get 1 free)

Cuccio Naturale- Pomegrante and Fig set
Sea Salt, Butter Blend, Spa Elixir (like a fragrance spray for linens and room), and Cuticle Butter Treatment Pen
for SGD 43

Cuccio Sicilian nail whitening paste

Cuccio Naturale Mango Hand Peel
Seemed to be ok for use on the face I read... hmmm. A review is pending.

0.5oz empty bottles with a big ball ;)
x10 of these
each is about SGD 1.25

Starnail Quick Dry Oil
doubles up as quick dry drops and cuticle oil :)
Review is pending too!
SGD 10

whole bunch of files, buffers and birchwood sticks :)
SGD 5~ for all?

Pure Acetone 1L and empty bottle with pump and lock ;)
SGD12.50 for acetone and SGD6.50 for bottle

Bunch of Swarovski crystals worth SGD43 :P

This sums up my haul. Mega, eh?
Most of the items are from Star*like nails distributor but I get staff rates hence the low price :)

Hope you enjoyed looking at my heartache :P


Kee said...


That's nuts Jamie!!! I've got a haul coming up too but not nearly as nuts as yours!!

So awesome!

Cheryl said...

Wow! What an awesome haul! I've been hunting for empty bottles to franken in but can't get cheap ones. And the two way nail art brushes! I got a konad one which cost like 10 times what you paid. =X I love the polishes you got, can't wait to see your manis with them!

BelleJoie said...

That's a craaaaaazy haul!
What lovely goodies to play with.
And to think you have more coming your way! :)

Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes said...

GAH! Every time I'd look at a photo and think that was it, I'd scroll down to find more and more and more. I was wondering what you got and wished I could have seen a show like that. Excellent haul - can't wait to see those nail art pens at work and the new Precision brand swatches.

anne-marie said...

kinda makes me regret not going.

Gabrielle said...

Woah mega haul indeed!
But you got some great stuff in there!

Christine ;D said...

OMG IM JEALOUS! Those Essies look gorgeous.