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Monday, March 7, 2011

Born Pretty Store - Radiant Pearl review

I find pearls to go very very well with palette cleansers* (aka nude, neutral or mellower colours). 
I have my dream come true with Born Pretty's wheel of pearls from various sizes!! Mine came in only one colour, the silvery pearl that looks so radiant under natural light :)

Knowing myself, I had to break out at least 2 colours with each or most of my manicures :P And this above photo shows Essie's Jazz with Daiso's white nail art enamel and Born Pretty's pearls :)
Essie's application was smooth and 2 coats was needed. 

I added Daiso's biege sheer colour for the added shimmer on Jazz.

This is The Faceshop's colour, BR802, a nude with silver glass fleck-y shimmer, very subtle and feminine. 3 coats to perfection in coverage. 

This seemed like a better mannequin hands colour on me than Jazz was. Jazz was a tad dirtier, with possible grey tones to it. BR802 seemed more peachy. 

Love this a lot!

Look at how the pearls shine. I love the different shapes of the pearls as they added very good variety to this manicure. 

This is the one I got:

3 different sizes, one colour. There's also the multi coloured one that you might want to check out :)

I might want to use these pearls on a card sometime ;) 

For those who are new to nail art,
you just have to gloss on a layer of clear varnish or even a normal top coat (no quick dry please!)
and then use a pair of tweezers to pick up the flat-back pearl and place it on your nail. 
Gently press down to secure the position but not too hard or u see the varnish pooling on the sides of the pearl :)
Then seal the whole nail with top coat (quick dry or not) to complete your manicure.

*Born Pretty Store provided me with this item for an honest review. The lacquers in this post are from my own collection, paid for by me. 


The Nail Diary said...

Very pretty!! :)

Cheryl said...

It's so sweet looking! I love the pearls!