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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Jamie + Pink = Internal Server Error

Indeed. Jamie of Squovalicious is not a fan of pink. I dont hate it either. Just... not a fan.
Until... I dug out some of my cosmetic items and dang! I have an affinity with pink, afterall.

Let's see...

These are most of my items that are pink, in concept. Half of them are unused cause... I only one pair of lips LOL.

From left: Canmake Nudy Gloss 01, 02, essence XXXL nudes 03 Nude Kiss, Lioele Blooming Gloss 07, 05, 03

I know, numbers are like how useful right? :P The darkest shade of pink gloss is essence's but it has glass flecked shimmer in the gloss too! Pretty unique I will say. 
The Canmake ones are awesome, their shimmer particles are a third smaller than essence's and almost undetectable on lips. 
The Lioele ones are the newest additions, and the company in Singapore had a mystery lipgloss grab bag of sorts, with 3 full-sized lipglosses and one free handphone lipgloss chain :) I requested for a mix of nude, pink and red shades and Im very pleased with their choices :D The nude shade has a strong gold shimmer and I wonder how it will turn out on my lips. I hope my yellow undertones wont jump out at ya. The hot pink is sooooo gorgeous. I hope it is a build-able shade, if not I'll use it on top of my lipstick.

Another Lioele item! Gotta love the Princessy look, with a diamonte :d

This is a marbling blusher that works very well as a highlighter on the forehead, nose bridge and chin. 
The brush that comes with it has very soft hairs and feels luxurious!
There is also a plastic cover that keeps the whole compact pretty hygienic. Great thought in there.

Paul & Joe's face colour compact in 17

A peach and light pink shade.
Have this for the longest time in my makeup stash. I won it at a CATALOG magazine giveaway last year. It adds some colour to my face after applying foundation or BB cream. I will build up the pink to use as a light blusher :)
Every girl loves the Paul & Joe's motifs right??? I know I do :)

ZA 2-way foundation limited edition case 2010
Look at the hologram patterns! ;)
Im a shade 21, totally suits my skintone. *thumbs up*
Applies both dry or wet using the sponge given. When used wet, it gives great coverage then does not look cake-y. Yep, somehow I'm wearing a pink T-shirt today :P

red earth by Esprit.
Eyeshadow colours from their 2009 Summer collection.
These are cream eyeshadows.
I use them a lot before I accumulated other eyeshadows :P But these two are my go-to ones when going for a sheer makeup look. These are shimmery and crease a bit after long hours of wear. But great to use over powder shadows to blend in the colours, me thinks. 

The Bodyshop Kiss of Colour cheek blush in 01 vibrant rose
Nailed it with the colour description there. A very nice almost Barbie pink blush that I have yet to try! Maybe this weekend... 
Got this at the recent Warehouse sale.

Victoria Secrets Juiced Berry body 3-in-1 wash, discontinued.
Love the smell. I am a sucker for fruity smells, only the sweet ones. And this is heavenly. But I'm a tad afraid of using it in case it aggravates my skin condition. But sniffing it makes me happy :D

From the top: shills perfect brightening base, M.A.C heatherette Limited Edition lipstick glaze in Lollipop Loving, Maybelline Hypercurl Volum' Express in Very Black mascara.

Shills work pretty well except that my face will get oily after an hour or so and makeup slides right off :/ There's also a diamonte on the packaging... now we know how pink screams princessy huh.
The M.A.C lipstick is a recent acquisition from a blog sale. It has a green iridescent sheen in the pink shimmer lipstick. Intriguing. 
The mascara is pretty good. Only to note that I have to wipe off excess else before application else I suffer from raccoon eyes. Which happened, a lot of times. Tsk. 

OF COURSE! Where are the damn nails?
5 different patterns, again.
I love the thumb here. It is actually a pink neon, textured pattern by mixing a few lacquers on the nail.
Forefinger is done with OPI's Wing It and then adding some Etude House pink glitter and base.
The little finger has Revlon's Pink Petal as a base. I didnt like the application at all. Streaky and needed 3 coats to get a decent opaque coverage. 

Tried out the V gap design on my ring finger here. but added my own touch to it. I would say this nail is Black Swan inspired :P
Used the Revlon chromes for the forefinger look. 
The middle finger is just plain old awesome Elianto 08 Salsa Pink. Hot pink with gold flecked shimmer.
And once again, textured little finger.
With Pink Petal base. Neon pink is from Daiso's nail art enamel.

So what do you think about these pink nails? What would you like to try? 
Do you own any of the pink cosmetic items I posted here? :) 

Hope you liked this post!
Wanna guess my favourite colour? :D 


Kee said...

LoL right sure don't like pink!! ^_~

I'm in love with that colour...just ask Rachel. Heehee!

Great post! Am loving the nails too!

Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes said...

Great post. I'm always so behind on new nail art. I've not ever seen the V gap before. Would love to know more about it.

jaljen said...

So much to look at. Too many nails for one post! I need to study these more. The V is a great shape for your nails but I like all of them.

I have more pink nail polish than green and I would say I LOVE green! Pinks just insinuate themselves into a collection.

Oh Cherie! said...

beautiful things! xx

Curious Cat said...

the marble blush doesn't look very pinkish to me... what's its real color?

and your favourite colour, no need to guess. I knew! :P

Cheryl said...

Ooh I'm in love with the pink marbled nails!!!!!!

Aishah said...

i got the ZA 2-way foundation the other day too and got the limited edition case!! but mine was in silver!! ur pink one is cuter though!! if only i was lucky enough to get it instead of my silver one:(