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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

im sooo tired.

Been super exhausted lately.. Irregular sleeping hours + stress over thesis + rushing a presentation for school tml... Im gonna turn in early today and have a good rest. Will get through the presentation tml by hook or by crook! :)

I went out in the evening today to get some errands done. I had won a full set of The Body Shop's Earth Lovers Shower Gels! So i trotted down to collect em and bought myself their Stop Sex Trafficking cloth bag for about 5 dollars, in which Im sure the proceeds go to their fund for that aim :)

I also helped a friend to get an item using my birthday discount!

Then I went down to Watsons to get my Vidal Sassoon VS 4 in one hair styler! Now i can straighten, crimp, curl or volumize my hair in seconds! Wheeee. I just tried and it works so well! <3 Thats a gift from my sister hehehe.

I was also supposed to collect a sample from FANCL but they needed me to print out a generic email for proof while I showed them the email on my iPhone. I admit i was grouchy but hey what about saving the earth? There are other ways to go about aiding your customers in collecting samples.... *shrugs* looks like I have to go down again one day...

And then my bf met me and we went to Awfully Chocolate to get a birthday cake! Well I wasnt too thrilled though haha. Oh well. He went ahead and paid for it and brought it up my place...

I hope I feel good enough tomorrow!

Stompy's having diahorrea :( Pretty horrible to know as it may cause bunny's death... as it has happened to our other bunny last time... I hope he recovers and be a strong bunny! :D

22 days to the end of the thesis journey I gotta press on! <3

Sending positivity to all who needs it today,

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Cheryl said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Write write write your thesis! It'll be over soon!