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Friday, March 18, 2011

moving on..

Thank you for the constructive comments on the situation I posted in last night's entry.
I really appreciate it :)

I have been blogging at the 8flo blog lately, covering the inaugural Men's Fashion Week Press Conference held in Singapore 2 days ago. If you are interested, do visit:

I am also participating in 2 Facebook contests, has to do with nail art and voting, would be great if you could show some support :D Vote for your favourite entries or for me (pretty please) :)
Here are the links:
for Crazy eMart.
for Mei Mei Signatures ;) (her contest required us to use one of her products in the final design, it was fun thinking of ways to use that crackle!)

I am also gonna be announcing my 200 followers/Birthday Month/Blog Anniversary giveaway very very soon! I have prepared a few prizes, perhaps one for local followers and one for international? They will include more than nail polish :) Any suggestions on prizes?

I did not manage to do a green St Patrick's Day mani this year, as Im still sporting Sally Hansen's Nail Prisms in Burgundy Orchid and Garnet Lapis. These multi-chromes are awesome and pretty hard to capture. Ugh. Give me more time....

Things are going on pretty slow here as I struggle with school work and my thesis... All will be over by end of April :)

<3 Much love and positive energy to you...


Cheryl said...

All the best with your thesis! You just have to tahan one more month and you'll graduate!

silvia Navarro said...

love love love it!!!!
great style
follow u now!