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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

China Glaze: 108 degrees

I bought the whole set of 6 China Glaze Island Escape Collection. I dont think I'll regret my choice as the colours are pretty unique to my collection and they apply not too bad too.

Let's see.

Pardon the chipping as I wore this to work last time and it couldnt withstand all the packing, cleaning and picking at labels LOL. 

It is more pink than Raspberry Festival and has a pink flash to it. Very electric and very hot!
Needs 3 coats to be at its richest and probably most opaque. I should use this to layer over a maroon sometime and see how they stack up to be :P

2 more Island Escape colours coming up!

Check out my other blog here for pictures of my Taiwan Graduation Trip in May, post on my departure from VIBE, beauty products review! :) Appreciate the love!

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Bregje said...

Ohh yes, that's a pretty polish! Reminds me to wear it again :) You captured the bright shimmer well!