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Sunday, August 14, 2011

So why SpaRitual?

You might have noticed the badge on the sidebar that says "SpaRitual Singapore Official Ambassador".

Short of calling this post an announcement, I am very humbled by this opportunity yet also very proud to be able to represent this brand here in Singapore.

Having started polishing my digits diligently for the past few years, I have had my olfactory sense offended in many ways by the chemical fumes emanating from the glass bottles. But I am young, I thought. A little exposure to these pungent stuff wont kill me. Not until I met Seche Vite and the warning label.

Then I panicked a little. Just a little.

Then on day I got an invite to attend a SpaRitual product launch and learnt all about the brand during the event. It got me very excited. It is a vegan brand with an eco-conscious philosophy. Yes, nice sounding words but do they really live up to the claims?

The certifications of organic origins do help me to put my faith in the brand. SpaRitual is also going to apply for ECO-CERT, in which one of the criteria was that the product has to contain at least 95% natural origin ingredients. Their product is the Moisture Balm which I am hoping to get my hands on. Literally as I am experiencing a worst bout of hand eczema between my finger and on the side of my palm. I am hoping this works!

And yes, suffering from eczema forces me to examine the ingredient list more carefully now, avoiding petroleum as an ingredient for my lip balms for example and also alcohol in some skincare items.

As I start to become more aware of these companies that adopt a beauty and eco-conscious approach to business, I gradually replace the products Im using with these newbies that I have discovered. Okay, I alternate since I want to finish using them anyway :)

As I embark on this journey to bring to you the latest colours and products from SpaRitual, I hope you will become more conscious of the link between beauty and sustainability. P.S The glass in SpaRitual products are 50% recycled Italian glass! And going for organic products contribute to sustainability of the planet as well. Balance of the eco-system is the key concept behind my earlier statement.

We are living in a fast-paced world, with more and more people inhabiting the same Earth, our fields are overworked, people are overworked, the Earth is overworked. And we all know what happens when there is no rest. Breakdowns happen. Disruption happens. In short, the consequences are beyond negative. I am gonna do what I can to slow it down. This also means I have to stop hoarding. And be selective. I can't just buy every full collection from China Glaze! (I got Island Escape and Metro... =.=")

With this post, I am going to start my project of slow shopping! Not that I shop slowly... but to not return home with new products each time I head out. Or add to shopping carts online... >.<" I have some more items coming in from online orders... But this will stop. And also because, it is time to contribute back to the world and start earning my keep. $-$ *shakes head*

*ahem* So... this is why I took up the opportunity to be Ambassador for SpaRitual here in Singapore. And this also means that while the retail space is still being set up, I will coordinate orders for SpaRitual orders online. The products will be sold through me for now until the company has set up a store in Singapore. To order, send me an email at Thank you :)

Meanwhile you can join the FB page here for latest news and have your queries answered too!

Thank you for reading this!

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