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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

SpaRitual In Pink Collection 2011 Swatches

What's this?
We all know Zoya has their spoons, and OPI has their swatching charts provided to their distributors. What about SpaRitual? They have their Chroma Guide that comes with a pebble-shaped polished swatch. 


Numbers. Look under your China Glaze bottles and you see some numbers there, coding each colour of every collection. Usually running numbers in the same collection. 

Take this up a notch. How about numbers 1 to 9, each with a meaning embedded in them? 
This is what SpaRitual adopted. Adding the model numbers on the label at the bottom of each bottle to come to a single digit,-


10357 = 1 + 0 + 3 + 5 + 7 = 16 = 1 + 6 = 7

7 becomes the number that represents this particular polish and lets see what it may say.

Strength from In Pink 2011.
Number: 2
Colour Suite: Earthy Low Notes
and there's a quote on the right column that talks more about the polish and how wearing this will affect the Chakras or energy centres in one's body. 

number 5 and Colour Suite: Airy Sopranos.

number 9 and Colour Suite: Dramatic High Notes.

While you might not wanna give two hoots about what 'gibberish' this may seem to you, you cant deny that it adds something more fun to your daily polish episode! Plus, it is now a new way of choosing what colour to wear for an important event happening the day after! 

To find out more about Numerology and the Chakras in SpaRitual polishes, you will need their Chroma Guide. 

Comes in the way like those colour guides go, those you get to look at at an interior designer's office, for example :)

Back to the polish!
Now, lets take a close look at the little swatches shall we?

Strength. Reminds us all of Zoya's Faye or OPI's Rally Pretty Pink.
It's a darker pink base with golden shimmer and needs 2 to 3 coats for good coverage and opacity. No issues with application, no bald spots, nada. Dries to a smooth shiny surface. Swatches are WITHOUT topcoat.

Knowledge is a gorgeous glitter that works very good for layering too! 
I have very yellowed nails so this does affect the photo...
Pale pink translucent base with crazy holo and gold glitter...
The last photo shows the pink base the best. Under bright morning sun.
The swatch took me 3 thin coats and I could do more to achieve the one you see in the little pebble swatch. 
Here it is layered over Shooting Star SpaRitual from Twinkle 2011
Pretty gorgeous there!
Dries slightly gritty. Nothing a topcoat cant smoothen out :)

Knowledge, when removed. Yummy glitter explosion.

Clarity. Pale pink glitter suspended in a clear base.
Very sparkly with three coats to give a good coverage. Sadly, these glitters are in a regular size. Reminiscent of China Glaze's Dollhouse glitter polish.

Here is how they stack up.
Last two photos are taken indoors, under a light source.

All three bear different characteristics and perhaps appeal to different moods as well. I appreciate all three enough to want to own them. 
So, why In Pink?
As we might already be aware of, Breast Cancer awareness month is coming right up in October. And a part of the proceeds go to this charity, Cancer Schmancer!

Which caught your eye? 

For Singapore:
To purchase, please email to Thank you! :)

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Melanie said...

wow these are so pretty!
I like Strength the most, because it looks like Faye like you said :)