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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sparituals: Sacred Ground, Howl, Blue Moon and Spirit Child

Sacred Ground and Howl
Blue Moon and Spirit Child

These lacquers applied beautifully as usual. 2 coats needed to get to bottle colour and these are without topcoats. Already shiny and they even out very well too!

I had to alter the colour a little to get the correct red. The sunshine on the lacquer made it shiny and freaked out my camera =.=
You should be able to detect some golden shimmer amidst the red, making it very sparkly under the sun.

Definitely not a usual red shimmer. I quite like this against my skintone too... 

Howl and Blue Moon

Blue Moon is not a simple blue. Look at that! Purple, gold, brown-ish shimmers. These are micro shimmers to be exact. Unlike the ones in Break of Dawn or Strength (the Zoya Faye lookalike)


Gorgeous dark chocolate base with copper shimmer. 
The colours in Howl remind me of China Glaze Metro collection's Midtown Magic! And perhaps there's no direct correlation but... :/ 

Sacred Ground
Gorgeous greyish colour. This isnt gritty at all! Applies like a polish laden with multi coloured shimmer. With a greyed base of course. 
Very special to me. And compared to Hard Candy's Mr Wrong, this is like sparkly in the sun and has no purple base. 

one last look at them without topcoat- all glossy and shiny...

With Essie's Matte About You topcoat.

Spirit Child mattified
Blue Moon mattified
Howl mattified
Sacred Ground mattified
How do you liked them matted?

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Susan @ said...

When I saw the first photo, I was thinking Howl looks similar to CG Midtown Magic, which I swatched last week. However, MM is really a blackened burgundy with gold and red shimmer even if it looks rather like copper shimmer on a very dark brown base. Sacred Ground looks unique though, rather like a pebble. I like!