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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Smurfs for you?

This is my very first attempt to paint with acrylic colours on my nails! It isnt perfect but it certainly is very fun to do!

I painted with my Kleancolor Concrete Gray as a base.

It does not lean to blue as much as China Glaze Metro collection's Concrete Catwalk. I should do a grey comparison soon! Applies nicely, 2 coats for a good finish, if not one can make it too... Just be careful.

Sigh, I filed my toes one evening and clumsy me filed some nails here. Hence the marks. 
Still not too careful with my brush! The black lines got a little too thick that what I needed and I also diluted the white too much on one instance!
The grey coincided a bit with the black. I could have chosen a brighter base and maybe even enlarging the drawings too! After I was done I googled to see how others have interpreted the Smurfs on their nails and boy, I felt a little ashamed HAHA!
More practise is needed! Any suggestions on what to paint next? :D


1 comment:

Cristina - PeeBeforePolish said...

What an amazing nail art! You're a very talented lady! :)
I loved the Smurfs (I Puffi, in italian!) when I was a child. :)