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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Faux gel nails for you?

Nope, I am not jumping on the gel nails band wagon yet. But I do get compliments that my nails look like gel nails sometimes.

I figured, if you would want your nails to be mistaken like mine, try this:

1. Grow them long and thick. I was blessed with thick nails so I havent had to succumb to nail treatments :P

2. Shape them as you like. For me, the choice is obvious! Squoval! ;)

3. Do a good base coat to protect them.

4. Cover your nails in a healthy sheen of French manicure base colour. A jellyish beige or pink will be nice. This is especially good for nails like mine which are actually yellowing from excessive use of polish!

5. Apply silver glittery polish like Mei Mei Signature's Suesha series on the white tip of your nails. (Or yellow tips, for me).

6. Use a multi glitter striper, like the one I have from Precision or a dark blue nail enamel pen from Daiso and doddle some stripes on the tips.

7. When they dry well, coat the whole nail with Seche Vite for a thick glossy shine or even Out the Door Northern Lights Silver or Gold Holographic Top Coat.

8. Do clean-ups if you like! And enjoy your faux gel nails.

Disclaimer: These are not meant to last as long as 21 days like Gelish does. But I am sure these add glamour to any outfit and make you feel feminine ;)


maisenzasmalto said...

Yay for fake (or faux, sounds better) "fake nails"! I love natural nails, it's nice to play with them (yours are stunning, indeed)!

Kristen J. Soh said...

pretty!! like this design :)